ELECTROLUX 680L Frost Free Inverter French Door Refrigerator @Now INR170,900 Was INR316,990 Hot Deals India

  1. TasteLockAuto Technology: This technology releases excess moisture to reduce condensation and helps keep fresh fruits and vegetables fresh for up to one week.
  2. Taste-Seal-Flex Function: The refrigerator offers five temperature settings ranging from -23°C to 7°C. This feature allows you to customize the temperature to keep your food fresh and flavorful. The convertible compartments can adapt to different temperature settings, making it suitable for storing a variety of items, including fresh vegetables, cold drinks, and ice creams.
  3. FlexStor Function: With this function, you can easily arrange the refrigerator according to your needs. The adjustable door bins and shelves allow you to accommodate items of different sizes.
  4. TwinTech Cooling System: This system optimizes humidity within the fridge, ensuring the taste and texture of your food are preserved for an extended period. The TwinTech system utilizes two independent cooling systems that work together to maintain optimal cooling performance.
  5. TasteGuard Deodorizer: The refrigerator is equipped with a TasteGuard Deodorizer function. It utilizes a carbon filter to eliminate unwanted odors, keeping your food fresh and hygienic.
  6. WaterStream and AutoIce Functions: These functions provide on-demand chilled water and ice through the fridge door.
ELECTROLUX 680L Frost Free Inverter French Door Refrigerator @Now INR170,900 Was INR316,990 Hot Deals India
ELECTROLUX 680L Frost Free Inverter French Door Refrigerator @Now INR170,900 Was INR316,990 Hot Deals India

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